Gustavo – gracias, BERLIN!

Gustavo – gracias, BERLIN!
Exhibition from November 28th, 2021 to March 4th, 2022 (on the upper floor)

50 years after his first exhibition in Berlin, Schloss Biesdorf is now showing a comprehensive retrospective of the Spanish painter. The now 82-year-old artist, known worldwide for his humorous, colour-intensive paintings, lived in Berlin for a long time and moved to Mallorca in 1995, where he opened his own gallery in the town of Capdepera while still in his 80s. His work often links Spain and Berlin, also visible in works of art in public spaces, such as the so-called GUSTAVO House in Berlin-Lichtenberg. More than 70 of his unmistakable works can be seen in Schloss Biesdorf; the grotesque figures in strange situations typical of the artist can be found in paintings, sketches, prints and can also be experienced three-dimensionally as sculptures. The poetic-absurd titles of the individual works are a humorous and lively bridge to GUSTAVO's magical pictorial worlds.

Träume aus Papier – Eine Fotoarbeit von Sophie Kirchner

all pictures © Sophie Kirchner. From the series: Träume aus Papier | Paper Dreams

Sophie Kirchner – Träume aus Papier // Paper Dreams. A photographic work aboutthewelcomemoney
Exhibition from November 28th, 2021 to March 4th, 2022 (on the ground floor)

What did East Germans buy with their welcome money? Photographer Sophie Kirchner explores this question in her work " Paper Dreams".

The welcome money was a subsidy of 100 DM that was granted to every citizen of the GDR entering the Federal Republic of Germany after the Wall was opened. Sophie Kirchner photographed the things bought with the money and portrayed the respective buyers. She conducted intensive conversations with the protagonists; these interviews can be heard in the exhibition. In combination with the photographs, the exhibition offers very personal memories and reflections from an East German perspective.