Labor M – Art Communication

Several times a week, art communication flanks all exhibitions in Schloss Biesdorf. Labor M offers unconventional and experimental approaches to the artistic content of the exhibitions. In its own "lab space", the workshop on the ground floor of the castle, it offers workshops for different ages and target groups. There are open activities for all those interested in the afternoon and on weekends.


Open studio workshop

We invite you to work together in the open studio workshop, where you can actively experiment with artistic working methods that refer to selected works from the current exhibition.
We will look at these works together in advance in the exhibition.

on Wednesdays 03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.
all ages

– not during the exhibition alteration phases –


Dialogical guided tour with workshop afterwards

The programme on Saturday is suitable for the whole family: After we welcome you, there will be an entertaining tour through the exhibition, where you can talk in a relaxed atmosphere about the works on display and your children or grandchildren will be addressed. After a short break, the art workshop opens its doors to all young and old who want to create something with their hands and try it out creatively. Parents and grandparents are also welcome to take another look at the exhibition during this time.

on Saturdays from 02:00 to 03:00 p.m. (guided tour) and from 03:30 to 05:30 p.m. (workshop)
all age groups, family-friendly

– not during the exhibition alteration phases –







Actions and Workshops

as part of the exhibition KLASSE DAMEN! from June 16th, 2019 to October 13th, 2019



Contact, Enquiries & Registration

Art education in Schloss Biesdorf

We kindly ask you to register group visits by e-mail.

E-Mail: contact[at]
Phone: ++49 (0) 157 / 872 02 679

– all offers are free of charge –

Sichtung / Sighting

Dialogical guided tour for teenagers and adults                                

Why do the names of women artists rarely appear in art history? Weren't they given the same attention and support as their male colleagues? 100 years ago, women were allowed to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. The way out of invisibility and the so-called "women's classes" was paved. Within the framework of a joint examination of contemporary positions, we not only address questions about today's conditions in the art world, but also pay tribute to the historical work of 12 female artists of classical modernism.

with Fenia Franz

on Saturdays, 02:00-03:00 p.m.
Dates: 22. Jun. / 29. Jun. / 06. Jul. / 13. Jul. / 10. Aug. / 17. Aug. / 24. Aug. / 07. Sep. /
14. Sep. / 21. Sep. / 28. Sep. 2019


Das Innere Plakat / The Inner Poster          

Art workshop for teenagers and adults

How does our gender influence our daily experience and actions? To what extent do cultural and social origins play a role, what difficulties do we face or what privileges can we enjoy?

Within the framework of the workshop, we also want to take a look at our own lives based on selected works of art from the exhibition "Class Ladies". Do we find ourselves in the positions presented? What are our own attitudes towards the themes? Using existing visual material and text pieces, we playfully create an "inner poster". We use techniques such as collage and drawing.

with Fenia Franz

on Saturdays, 03:30 - 05:30 p.m.
Dates: 22. Jun. / 29. Jun. / 06. Jul. / 13. Jul. / 10. Aug. / 17. Aug. / 24. Aug. / 07. Sep. / 14. Sep. /
21. Sep. / 28. Sep. 2019


Die Kleine Akademie / The Small Academy     


We concentrate on the work of an artist of the exhibition "Klasse Damen!" and accompany you in your practical attempt to create a portrait of the artist.  Part of the discussion will also be the theming of excluding structures in modern as well as contemporary art.

Drawing, painting and collage (text and image) will be used.

The respective artists can be viewed on the Labor M website (

with Thomas Bratzke or Fenia Franz

on Wednesdays, 03:00 p.m. - 05:00 p.m.
Dates: 19. Jun. / 07. Aug. / 14. Aug. / 21. Aug. / 28. Aug. / 04. Sep. / 11. Sep. / 18. Sep. / 25. Sep. /
02. Oct. 2019