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+++ "Master Plan – How do we want to live? +++
+++ A digital workshop on the exhibition "City (un)limited – the dream of owning your own house" +++


DIGITAL WORKSHOP "Master Plan – How do we want to live?" (in German only)

Well? Did the short film make you want more?
And move you questions like: Who actually designed the city I live in?
Or why do I feel comfortable in some places and not in others?

We will explore these questions in our new digital workshop.
Join us on a journey of discovery.

Become an architect yourself and build your dream house! We are planning the city anew, the way we want to live!
Discover individual works of art from the exhibition at Schloss Biesdorf with our videos and make your own model house out of paper.

Here you can find the links to the materials:

Masterplan Schablonen-Bausatz PDF Download {Dropbox}
Masterplan - Wie wollen wir leben? Workshop Videolink {Youtube}



+++ Look and Paint Search Book +++
+++ Participation book for the exhibition "Christine Fenzl: Land in the Sun – Portraits of East Berlin's Post-Communist Youth" +++


+++ The following online workshop was created in the context of the exhibition "Longing for the Now" +++


DIGITAL WORKSHOP "Im Jetzt geht was!" 

The workshop "Im Jetzt geht was!" contains suggestions, questions and exercise suggestions for the artistic examination of the topic "time" and the experience of the present moment. It is available in videos or as a text document. No account on Youtube or Dropbox is required to use or download the materials.

In German only.


Im Jetzt geht was! Workshop Video-Link [Youtube]
Im Jetzt geht was! Workshop PDF download [Dropbox]


The offer is aimed at children from about 8 years of age and adults who enjoy the topic. It can be used privately alone or as a group, or as a stimulus for artistic distance learning.

It presents exemplary works of art from the exhibition "Longing for the Now", which deal with various temporal phenomena and the "now" in the artistic creative process.

For this purpose we use working materials, image and sound recordings that have been produced for the workshop format for school classes (secondary level I). The examples from the exhibition serve as impulses for practical experiments and perception games.

The use of the material is free of charge like all offers of Labor M / Schloss Biesdorf.



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Due to the current restrictions on public life decided by the state of Berlin to combat the Corona pandemic, all workshops and guided tours are currently cancelled. However, we invite you to participate in our digital offerings.
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