Annual Programme Schloss Biesdorf 2022 ( Stand February 20, 2022)

GUSTAVO – gracias, BERLIN!
November 28, 2021 to March 4, 2022 (exhibition on the upper floor)

Schloss Biesdorf is showing a retrospective of the Spanish painter Gustavo. The characteristic feature of his paintings are the colourful whimsical figures that he captures on canvas in absurd and comical situations.


Sophie Kirchner – Paper Dreams
November 28, 2021 to 04.03.2022 (exhibition on the ground floor)

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, photographer Sophie Kirchner, born in 1984 in East Berlin, asked East Germans to show her what they had bought with their welcome money. The exhibition shows photographs of the purchased objects and portraits of their owners.


March 13, 2022 to June 6, 2022

How do plants, animals, fungi or humans change their ways of life to ensure life or survival in the face of dramatic environmental changes? The artistic positions in this exhibition explore this question. Works by: Helga Franz, Andreas Greiner, Constantino Ciervo, Christine Schulz, Lioba von den Driesch, Stefan Fahrnländer, Susanne Hegemann, Thomas Wrede.


V E R G O L D E T | D O R É | G I L D E D
(Exhibition together with the Château de Nyon, Switzerland)
June 13, 2022 to August 21, 2022

VERGOLDET examines the handling of the (colour) material gold, its fusions and reinterpretations and looks with artistic positions at and behind the gilded surfaces and objects, which are no longer necessarily about the representation of eternity and wealth. Or is this magical relationship today merely deformed into other symbols and signs of recognition? Works by: Antje Blumenstein, Olivia Breckemeyer, Ruth Campau, Andreas Gursky, Claudia Kugler, Eckart Hahn, Andréas Lang, Myriam Mechita, Michael Müller, Philippe Parreno, David Povell, Fabian Rockenfeller, Pamela Rosenkranz, Stephanie Saadé, Michael Sailsdorfer, Karin Sander, Henrik Strömberg, Philip Topolovac, Panis Tsagaris, Andrea Winkler, Clemens Wolf. Curated by Harald Theiss


Toni Mau (1917-1981) – Graphics from the Museum Utopia and Everyday Life
June 13 to August 21, 2022 (exhibition on the ground floor)

The Museum Utopia and Everyday Life combines the Documentation Centre for Everyday Culture of the GDR in Eisenhüttenstadt and the Beeskow Art Archive – institutions supported by the Oder-Spree district and funded by the state of Brandenburg.


Jürgen Wittdorf (1932-2018)
September 4, 2022 to January 31, 2023

Wittdorf was a master of the creative nuances. In addition to his masterly woodcuts, he is also known for numerous book illustrations as well as for his expressive portraits and nude drawings. His breakthrough as an artist in the GDR came with his depictions of young people, who were not idealised as workers and peasants but portrayed as seekers with all their wishes and longings. What earned Wittdorf the reproach of "westernisation" from the authorities was enthusiastically celebrated by the youth. Schloss Biesdorf pays tribute to Jürgen Wittdorf in a comprehensive presentation. Wittdorf's works are juxtaposed with contemporary positions.

Works by: Jürgen Wittdorf, Norbert Bisky, Veneta Androva, Bettina Semmer and Harry Hachmeister