Park Biesdorf

Schloss Biesdorf is situated in a beautiful public park. The garden architect of the first stage of the park is no-one less than Eduard Neide (1818-1883), the talented Lenné student and director of the Berlin Tiergarten. Neide later designs the Colonnade Court on Berlin’s Museum Island - today a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Beginning in 1889, the Royal Garden Architect Albert Brodersen (1857-1930) redesigned the park after its expansion by almost 15 hectares, equipping it with the most modern sports facilities. Brodersen creates an effective distribution of light and shade in the park, forms a varied terrain and skillfully uses visual relationships in the environment. Again and again, the castle with its Mediterranean charm serves him as an eye-catcher.

Every year, the traditional Biesdorfer Parkbühne stages open-air concerts and a varied stage program. But the present-day garden monument - with its pond, historic icehouse, curved paths, sprawling lawns and valuable old trees - is an experience in any season. In spring ancient crocus meadows blossom here, in summer it is pleasantly cool and shady under the tall trees, in the autumn everything is covered in red and gold and in wintertime there is an enchanted silence.