Current Exhibitions

Traum[a]land (land of dream / land of trauma)

February 26, 2024  May 05, 2024 (first floor) 
Vernissage February 25, 2024, 6 p.m.  9 p.m.

Works by Lara Azul, GODsDOGs, Thomas Klingenstein, Cornelia Renz, Gerenot Richter and Saralisa Volm

The exhibition Traum[a]land invites you on a journey into the subconscious. The exhibition contrasts the concept of the dream, which has often been overused in recent times, with a poetic visualisation of the unsaid and often unspeakable. 

The works on display take visitors on a visually fascinating, surreal world between dream and trauma.

Traum[a]land leads through a multimedia landscape on the upper floor of Schloss Biesdorf – with hanging sculptures, backlit banners, walk-in installations, videos, paintings, etchings and photographs.

Curated by Dr des. Anne Simone Kiesiel and Lea Heine

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Finding an expression for this life

February 26, 2024  May 05, 2024 (ground floor)
Vernissage February 25, 2024, 6 p.m.  9 p.m.

Conversations with Linde Bischof, Volker Henze, Walter Herzog, Wolfgang Leber and Ursula Strozynski

For the exhibition, the artist Sonya Schönberger interviewed five artists whose artistic careers began in the GDR and whose works are in the Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Kunstarchiv Beeskow as part of her Berliner Zimmer video archive. In the biographical narratives typical of the Berliner Zimmer, the interviewees focus on their upbringing, their artistic careers and their experiences during and after German reunification. They reflect on their individual experiences of major political changes, look back and describe their current lives between artistic creation and everyday life.

In addition to the video interviews, the exhibition features selected prints by the participating artists as well as photographs. In her project, Sonya Schönberger explores the interfaces between the two collections and brings them together in the exhibition at Schloss Biesdorf.

The Berlin Room is a long-term video archive. In these, Berliners talk about their lives in the big city, their personal memories. The city in which they live is the link. Since 2018, a digital archive of the present has been created that will be continued for a hundred years.

Graphics make up the largest part of the art collection held in the Beeskow Art Archive/Museum Utopia and Everyday Life, providing a differentiated view of art and acquisition policy in the GDR. The graphic collection of the Stadtmuseum Berlin sees itself as a pictorial memory of Berlin, the Mark Brandenburg and Prussia from the 16th century onwards.

Idea, concept and editing Berliner Zimmer: Sonya Schönberger, camera: Cavo Kernich

Photographs in the Graphic Collection of the Stadtmuseum Berlin: Christof Zwiener

Project partners: Andreas Teltow (Stadtmuseum Berlin), Angelika Weißbach (Kunstarchiv Beeskow/Museum Utopie und Alltag), Nele Güntheroth (freelance curator), project management: Karin Scheel / Schloss Biesdorf