Lioba von den Driesch

"ene mene mu"
Animations, 3 loops, Full HD, water on slate, audio samples, 2018/22

No life without water
The water in the animation evaporates on the slate heated by the light and the figures inevitably disappear.

Almost all habitats on earth today are designed or influenced by humans. Humans also intervene in the processes of evolution. In my childhood, insects, birds, tadpoles and toads were part of everyday life, depending on the season. They are disappearing more and more in the more and more human-centred "habitats" that I share with these animals. Sure, all this can still be filed under "survival of the fittest", but it reminds me more of a counting-out rhyme. And as with any serious counting process, the person doing the counting is counting himself.

LIOBA VON DEN DRIESCH, born in Mainz in 1957, lives and works in Berlin.
Her artistic focus is animation. She uses stop motion techniques with very simple materials as well as digital technologies. Her central themes are everyday people, their actions in their environment, their fragility. Human motives and intentions, the consequences in seemingly trivial gestures and sceneries. Her drawings, collages and objects also revolve around this theme. Works by Lioba von den Driesch have been shown internationally in festivals and exhibitions.