Bernd Schlothauer

Bernd Schlothauer, who has trodden various paths and tested strategies in his almost 50 years of artistic practice, describes himself as an "oscillating artist". His work perspective resembles an oscillation between aesthetic possibilities and forms of expression, whereby his attention has been focused on painting in its entire breadth since 2016.

He is a representative of the intrepid species of the man seeking boundary-breaking self-realisation, driven by a passion to which he subordinates many areas of the everyday. His mission is: "What imposes itself on me, I must work on!" Which for him does not mean that there is any commitment on his part to anything. 

His pictorial language is like an entry hatch into an in-between – here the brushwork oriented towards a puzzle of forms, there the warm lyricism of colour. When the two overlap, the paintings tell of waiting (Greta Thunberg mit Trillerpfeife / Greta Thunberg with whistle, 2022), introspection (Meine Mutter mit mir und meinem Bruder 1955 / Introspection (My mother with me and my brother 1955, 2023) and cluelessness (Mahnmal / Memorial, 2023, Schälung / Peeling, 2021, Balance / Balance, 2023).