Brigitte Fugmann

Her teaching in the art circle of the "Palette Nord" in the field of screen printing was at least as influential for the young generation as her own work development. Together with Robert Rehfeldt, who was notoriously caught in the middle, Brigitte Fugmann contributed to the creative emancipation of young people who were looking for alternative orientations under the conditions of the GDR in the 1980s.

Coming from a family of showmen, she was familiar with self-creation from the expression of the moment. She was a hands-on emotional person who had a great penchant for the individual, the special, the extraordinary. Her many portraits, memories of her origins, landscapes, observations perform various underlinings of the world without egocentric displacements.

Her pictures have opened up to the charms of existence in a typically East Berlin way – perhaps a little darker than usual, sometimes more pithy and drastic in their emotional resonance. But always in a basic understanding with the world.
After the end of the GDR, the flow of history washed her into a contourless transition in which she ultimately could no longer find a foothold.