Dorit Bearach

Dorit Bearach's color pigment paintings, situated between Dresden and abstract expressionism, possess a dense materiality that produces optical stimuli closely coupled with a tactile stimulus.

Her most recent paintings in particular form the painterly center of a furious rush of existence and review of life. With pleasure one would like to reach into the body of the painting, to grab the flotsam and jetsam of life with both hands, so animating is its sensual measure, its earthiness.
Before our eyes stand landscapes of color as wild as they are elemental. The colors, brute and at the same time delicately set, seem to shine out of the darkness of past times. These images seem as the world was perhaps in its primitive times, unpolished and yet already marked by traces of processing, description, cultivation. We witness the oscillation between form and anti-form.

Dorit Bearach's paintings have an impressive power. They are of an intensity that is the expression of a free as well as reflected and symbolic painting. There is room for many things in these murmuring paintings.
Her titles (Wie ein Baum, wie ein Feld / Like a Tree, Like a Field, 2014, Herbstnachttraum / Autumn Night Dream, 1998, Stein-Steinzeit / Stone-Stone Age, 2004, Das Ende ist der Anfang / The End is the Beginning, 2021) contain a sensitive connection to the experience of nature and dreams, as well as an assurance of temporality, that is, of being in time, which is determined by the knowledge of the past, the awareness of the present, and the expectations of the future.