Clemens Behr – Multiple viewing angles

In his abstract sculptural works, Clemens Behr processes materials from the urban environment and the construction industry: bulky waste, old and new building materials, wooden panels, sheet metal, poles, signs, cardboard and much more. Freed from their actual function, these raw materials are altered, combined and assembled as parts of his installations, sculptures and objects. Through the interplay of form, material and colour, and a complex fragmentary arrangement – partly cubist and constructivist, inspired by the "junk aesthetic" of Dada and Merz – Behr is always looking for new forms and a balance of rhythmic arrangements, allowing multiple surprising angles of observation. Influenced by the urban landscape, he has for years created temporary site-specific installations in outdoor spaces. In the urban context, these installations adapt to the architectural environment by means of formal language and colourfulness, with ultimately the final photograph of these ephemeral interventions representing the lasting work.
For interiors, Behr creates expansive installations, wall sculptures and objects.
Integrating principles of design and art, he applies painterly and sculptural techniques, merges two- and three-dimensional space, geometric and architectural formulas, thus creating a multiformed body of work that he constantly seeks to reform. By borrowing some of the striking characteristics of the given space, the sculpture Circling is meant to merge with it, yet at the same time stand out like a disruptive impulse contained within it. Observing the sculpture from different angles while entering the space, the viewer gets the impression that both get deformed. The shape of the sculpture translates the two-dimensional movement of circling around the sculpture into three-dimensionality, like two interlocking circuits in space.


Clemens Behr (b. 1985) studied graphic design (BA) at the Fachhochschule Dortmund before completing his master's degree in liberal arts and sculpture at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in 2016. The same year, he co-founded the studio and project space Raum Vollreinigung in Berlin. He has exhibited nationally and internationally at festivals, exhibitions and in galleries since 2011. He participated in the 16th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Lyon (FR) in 2022. Behr lives and works in Berlin.