Binelde Hyrcan

video HD, 2:36 min, 2011


The video Cambeck shows four Angolan boys sitting up to their chests in holes made of sand and looking out to sea. The youngest of them is the driver, the two boys in the back seats play rich adults talking about which of them will have the better life.

Hyrcan shot the video in his home country of Angola, around Luanda. The protagonists are boys from the neighbourhood. The position of the camera often creates a theatrical atmosphere in which reality and staging become interchangeable. The focus is always on the four boys, their stories and their imagination. Their play reflects their status within society, their movements are limited by the outlines of the fictional car.


Binelde Hyrcan was born in Luanda, Angola, where he lives and works. He studied fine arts in Monaco. His works range from sculpture, painting and design to video art and performance. It is precisely in these different art forms that paradoxes and complexities, habits and socio-political attitudes are reflected, criticising existing structures and vanities. He developed many artistic projects in different cities around the world, such as the Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2020, Detroit, Brussels, New York City, London, Marseille, Lisbon and his hometown Luanda in 2019. His works can be found in many collections in the UK, Canada, Angola and the USA.