Ingeborg Lockemann

„Go! You go!“
video, 12 min, 2017


The film "Go! You go!" is about two particularly busy shopping streets in Accra and London, which (not coincidentally) have the same names: Oxford and Commercial Street.

The video shows details of street life in London, the camera is often pointed at the ground. Very rarely, in glimpses, there are also images from Accra. The soundtrack, on the other hand, was recorded almost exclusively in the two streets of Accra. Images, sounds and passers-by intermingle, different realities of urban and commercial life in West Africa and Europe meet.


Ingeborg Lockemann was born in Jena and lives in Berlin. She studied theology at the Humboldt University of Berlin and free art/sculpture at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art. She works as an artist, curator and teacher.

Her work has been supported by work and research scholarships as well as residency scholarships from the state of Berlin, Vienna and Schloss Balmoral, among others. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, for example in Berlin and Leipzig in 2021, in Frankfurt/Oder in 2019, in Tel Aviv, Jena and Vienna.

Ingeborg Lockemann is interested in economic and intercultural cross-connections in her work on urban and rural spaces. She produces mappings, tableaus that can make such connections and cross-connections visible, often in the form of maps or drawings, sometimes also as videos or installations.