Johanna Kandl

6 works „Untitled“ and „Heavy Artillery“


The paintings are based on photographs from the artist's archive. Mostly her husband Helmut or she herself took the photos, sometimes she also gives the camera to someone with the request to take pictures.

Johanna Kandl paints with egg tempera, which she makes herself from pigments and a binder she mixes herself (egg yolk, linseed oil, mastic, bone glue). The support for the painting is usually wood.
The artist often combines motifs with short sentences, often quotations from management and motivation guides, but also uses song lyrics or her own texts.

The motifs shown here are from a market in the pilgrimage town of Mariapocs in Hungary with a quote from John Steinbeck ("Change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains ..."), a knight sculpture set up in front of a supermarket on the Austrian-Czech border with a quote from an advice book ("Riding the Waves of the Global Market ..."), from the village of Chenini/Tunisia ("Allons! "), a lake near Berlin ("And then, silently ..."), from Belgrade/Serbia ("Meanwhile ..."), an everyday situation in Braşov/Romania ("Heavy Artillery") and the fortress in Novi Sad/Serbia ("the times they are...").


Johanna Kandl was born in Vienna, lives and works in Berlin and Vienna. She studied conservation and technology in Vienna and painting in Vienna and Belgrade and has been working with Helmut Kandl on participatory and research projects since 1997. Between 2005 and 2013 she was a professor of painting at the University of Contemporary Art in Vienna. Kandl has received numerous grants and awards for the realisation of her works and research. Solo exhibitions of her works have been held in Vienna, London, Graz, Berlin, Antwerp and Belgrade, among other places. Artistically, she works in the fields of research and documentation using the media of painting and video.