Bodo Rott – Research on the representation of space and perspective

Bodo Rott has been researching historical perceptions of space and representations of perspective for years, incorporating the resulting inspiration into his canvases, objects and works on paper. He combines techniques of perspective illusion, optical devices and projection machines with a very unique iconography fed by memory. Through the interplay between appearance and reality, his visual language challenges how we see and decipher the painted motifs. Rott is particularly fascinated and inspired by late Gothic and early Renaissance book illumination, as the illusionism in European painting often eludes quick deciphering. His pieces from the body of work Hortus Convulsus (i. e. "twisted" or "distorted garden") reference both the printmaking of the late Gothic period as well as the street art paste-up aesthetic of the present. The sprawling ambience in the Hortus pictures reflects their production as a spontaneous painting process. The landscape appears here as a "plastic wallpaper", a backdrop that reveals itself as such. With the painted pieces of cut cardboard, the artist goes one step further by intervening in real space in an irritating manner. Staged as an intersection between painting and sculpture, he is presenting here a group of "nests" that occupy the exhibition space in different positions.


Bodo Rott (b.1971) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg (AdBK) and graduated as a master student from the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in 1999, followed by several scholarships, residencies as well as national and international exhibitions. His works are represented in private and public collections, such as the Kunstsammlung des Landes Brandenburg and the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung Munich. Rott lives and works in Berlin.